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Final word; final song; final prayer; final song; final blessing ... good bye for now to friends and family in the Amersham Circuit ... we meet to meet again. What a wonderful farewell service! Thanks to the amazing Anne Wooff Ellis for leading it and everyone for such an outpouring of love!

On Sunday we said farewell to Reverend Vincent Jambawo with praise, fellowship, music and thanksgiving for his ministry. Not to mention the proper Methodist Tea!

I have shamelessly stolen the above from his Facebook Page. I am sure he will respond more formally too, but as this is publicly posted I am sure he won't mind that I have re-posted here.

Vincent moved from being a probationer to full ordination whilst with us, and I doubt that any of us will forget this Gentle Giant with his equally huge heart, wisdom and willingness to not only preach but also do.

Every Blessing for the Future Vincent. Thank you for being our Minister.


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