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What caught your eye today? by Rev Ann Ellis

This was the title given to a series of photographs posted on a social media site by a friend of mine. It started as ten photos, one each day, that morphed into a year long project. Lorna set herself the task of being deliberately observant of the situations and people she found herself dealing with on a daily basis, in the hope that by sharing those things that caught her eye it would encourage her to look up from her screen to the world beyond. The result was an eclectic mix of places and people, starry skies, sunsets, and also of the small things that surround us, unremarkable for their very familiarity. Those small everyday things that could, so easily, have gone by unnoted: the leaf design swirled on top of a cappuccino by a skilled barista; a coil of rope laid neatly beside a mooring, a bowl of podded peas ready for shelling; a jug full of spring daffodils; the jazz singer’s glitzy shoes. Each photograph underscoring the rewards of looking in anticipation, expecting to be surprised.

Our lives are full of the familiar; people, places, routines, the things we know about and understand. It is our experience of the familiar that provides the interpretive framework we use to make sense of the world in which we live and function. The tendency is, however, to see what we expect to see, and to look no further.

The lectionary cycles of the Christian year lead us over familiar ground. The Christmas narrative with angels, shepherds and an unmarried couple has become embedded in popular culture. The season of Lent brings us once more to the Wilderness and temptation resisted, and of signs, miracles, mercy and judgment we know well. What thrill can remain, say. in the telling of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, with all it’s hopes of a new Davidic dynasty, when Good Friday is already anticipated? Have we decided already what the Scriptures are all about? What Jesus is all about?

May be, like Lorna, we need to raise our eyes and choose to become deliberately observant of what the gospel writers are saying and come intentionally to each anecdote and passage afresh. It is then the well-worn phrases, words and situations, and even the smallest of details, may  catch the eye of our imagination and surprise us with insights anew.

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Rev Vincent Jambawo is also available at this time

Stationing (New Minister appointment)

Please pray for all those involved in the stationing process as we ask God to provide us with our next Minister.

Also for Vincent as he undergoes this process himself, that his next post will be welcoming, needful of his skills and nurturing of his family.

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This Lent, open meetings are to be held on Wednesdays at 8pm at Broadway Baptist Church in Chesham, on the theme of

‘Living Today’.

17th February:      Dr Krish Kandiah, London School of Theology

24th February:      Sir Peter Fahy, former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police:

“Reconciling Christian faith with working in the Criminal Justice system."

2nd March:      Dr Sharon Dirck, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

9th March:       Lord Leslie Griffiths,

“Making sense of life – one person’s experience”

16th March:       Anne Atkins, author and broadcaster,

“An evening with Anne Atkins."

The Cumbria Community Foundation sent thanks to the circuit for our donation

Dear Rev Anne Ellis
Many thanks for your donation to the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund Appeal.  We greatly appreciate your support for the work which the Foundation is undertaking towards alleviating hardship caused by the flooding.  
The response from donors has been tremendous.  We know that the 2015 floods have impacted more severely than 2009, with three times more households flooded than there were in 2005 and 2009 together.  
It is clear that the impact on a large number of people’s lives has been overwhelming. 
I am pleased to say that we have already given out over £1.2 million in grants to over 1,500 households, which represents 29% of flooded households.  We continue to receive an average of 50 applications for grants per day.  
On behalf of the trustees and all who will benefit from your generosity, I send you renewed thanks and all.
Andrew Beeforth
Chief Executive
Cumbria Community Foundation
Dovenby Hall
CA13 0PN (registered office)
Direct Dial: 01900 820827
Office: 01900 825760 Fax: 01900 826527
Methodist Church of Kperedi

Video report fom Guy

Thanks to Little Chalfont Methodist Church, the Methodist Church of Kperedi, is being built. After more than 20 years of trying in vain, this is reality today. May God bless our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ from LCMC, Buckinghamshire, ENGLAND.

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