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Notices 22nd October

coffee morning

 Shoe Boxes
The coffee morning raised over £120, thank you to everyone who contributed.

A gentle reminder that filled boxes need to be back to the church by 6th November.


(Formerly Women’s Fellowship)




PROGRAMME: April – December 2017

(All Meetings start at 2.30 pm)

17th October         Tom Way (Wildlife Photographer) : “Britain through the Seasons”

7th November        Revd Ruth Boughton:  “An Afternoon of Music & Stories”

21st November      Pauline Martindale:  “From Vancouver to Niagara”

5th December        AGM & Christmas Party

19th December      Christmas Communion





Leaders:   Gill McAllister and Joy Rolls 

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This Sunday 22nd October 6pm


A new service on the fourth Sunday of the month.


The ancient office of Compline derives its name from a Latin word meaning 'completion' (completorium). It is a service of quietness and reflection before rest at the end of the day.


It is an opportunity to place oneself consciously in the presence of God; a time for listening to God.


The service will draw on the traditional framework of Compline and will follow a set pattern of gathering prayers, confession, a reflective reading of Scripture (lectio divina), intercessory prayer as well as a short act of Holy Communion.


There will be chance to learn new songs and chants as well as regular musical elements.


Everyone is very welcome to come along.




Little Chalfont Methodist offers a variety of worship services to our community. Everyone is made welcome whether you are a regular in Church (any denomination)  or just wondering what is it all about.

Methodist services are lead by either our ministers (Who's Who?) or any one of a group of local preachers. Local preachers are fully trained by the Methodist Church to run services and preach. (

There are different services to suit different needs -

All Age Worship

1st Sunday in the month at 11am is ‘All Age Worship’  the whole church family, old and young meets together to worship and learn.  Toys and crafts are available to young ones and there is always a mixture of traditional and contemporary music.  It doesn't matter if your little one runs around or has a cry - you will be welcome! This is also a good service if the thought of a long sermon puts you off as the style is more bite sized and the atmosphere informal.

Sunday Service with TOAST

09.30, every Sunday in the month, except the 1st.

This service has a variety of styles, depending on who is leading, and any children or young people  present are invited to go out to “Time On A Sunday Together” (TOAST) for part of the service. (But can stay put if  they want or their parent/carer is welcome to go with them)

Methodists love to sing as well as pray and learn what God has to say about how to live faithfully, so this service in particular often follows a prayer/hymn/reading/sermon etc format. Very easy to  follow and no one is going to spring surprises on you as a new person. (as if we would!)


Communion is usually on the 3rd Sunday in the month at the 9.30 service. Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE  is welcome to the table. It doesn't matter if you are from another denomination, if you have or have not been baptised (christened). God’s love is freely given to all. You can choose to partake of the bread and (non alcoholic) wine or be blessed or sit quietly in your seat. It is up to you.


4th Sunday at 6pm.

This is our new contemplative service, please see the dedicated panel.

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