Mission Statement

Our purpose and our belief

Our purpose is “To make God’s love known”

“As a church……

We believe and trust in God the Father

Creation did not just happen; it was planned, and there is meaning and purpose to life. God is at the heart of all being and loves and cares for each individual he has made. He calls us to seek justice and care for the world he has given.

We believe and trust in God the Son

In Jesus, God has entered our human life. The life and teaching of Jesus show us the way God wants us to live. His death and resurrection reveal a love which accepts us as we are and calls us all to start again.

We believe and trust in God the Holy Spirit

God gives us the power to become what he has always wanted us to be. He enables us to live in love in a complex and hurting world. He can move within us like a gentle breeze or like a mighty storm to make us what we are meant to be.

We believe there is no limit to what God can do through us:

In the church;
In the world;
In our lives.

Our purpose and our “mission statement” are “to make God’s love known”.